What I’m Reading

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Books I’m currently reading:

An interesting breakdown of stoicism, its history, and how the philosophy can be applied to the challenges we all face in our day-to-day lives. There’s a great chapter on thought experiments that can help you develop more tranquility.



How predictable is evolution? That’s the question tackled by this book, and it’s a fascinating one that might give us insights into what life on other planets might look like.




I’ve heard great things about this tale of three astronauts training for the first mission to Mars.





Books I’ve read & strongly recommend:

This minor character from Homer’s Odyssey is brilliantly brought to life by Madeline Miller. I could not put this book down and still find myself thinking about it months later.

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Sy Montgomery is a brilliant nature writer. This deep dive into the nature of the octopus is both funny and fascinating, and it had me transfixed from start to finish.

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I don’t usually care for short story collections, but this is one of the most memorable books I’ve ever read. Each story has a fantastical feel to it that’s completely unique.

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Just a good, solid, fun book with some really interesting characters that I enjoyed spending time with.

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