A Guide To The Good Life

  • To someone who has not lost their capacity for joy, the world is a wonderful place — the glass is amazing, even if it’s empty or half-full
  • A primary benefit of Stoicism is the development of a boundless joy that doesn’t easily get rattled (i.e., tranquility)
  • If you want tranquility, it’s better to change yourself and what you want than to change the world around you
  • Wanting things that are not up to us will disrupt our tranquility, even if we end up getting them
  • Key to having a good life is to value things that are genuinely valuable and be indifferent to things that lack value
  • There are many, many things in this world that seem valuable or important but are in fact unimportant and value-less
  • An internal goal is something over which you have complete control, an external goal is something that is partially or completely out of your control (e.g. playing a tennis match to the best of your ability is in your control vs. winning, which is not entirely in your control)
  • We should want events to “happen as they do happen” and not as we wish they had happened, or might have happened, or could have happened