About Me

Hi, I’m Patrick. I’m a user experience researcher and designer based in sunny Tennessee. I've been working remotely since 2013, contributing to teams large and small. You may remember me from such companies as Flinto, Buffer, Theme Trust, and Parnassus Books.

2017 — 2019



Building a next-generation UI design tool requires a huge commitment to detail. I joined Flinto’s small team as a QA Designer and immediately jumped into action, testing feature commits and building a test plan to standardize and streamline the QA process.

By designing real apps, interactions, and components, I was able to spot problem areas and uncover bugs before they ever made it into production.


Contributions made in Github.


Versions released to customers.


Replies sent in Helpscout.

2014 — 2017



I joined Buffer in early 2014 as a Happiness Hero, delivering help and delight to tens of thousands of customers. After a few months, I had the opportunity to kick off the product research team within the company, and grew it to five researchers embedded across many different product teams.

My primary focus was on ensuring that the research team provided a constant stream of helpful insights to designers, product managers, and engineers across the company. The Product Research team scaled Buffer’s rate of learning across multiple products with 60k+ paying customers and 160k+ weekly users with a diverse toolbox of quantiative and qualitative research methods.


Responses gathered.


New researchers added to the team.


Research projects performed.

2013 — 2014

Theme Trust


Theme Trust was my first remote role, and I was quite excited to contribute to a team that was spread across the world. We were in the middle of a high growth period, releasing new themes every few weeks, and communication and organization were essential.

I joined as a customer support specialist, where I spent most of my time in the support forums answering questions ranging from sales inquiries to technical troubleshooting. I also took over social media responsibilities, creating custom content and promotions to help customers get the most out of their WordPress themes.


Customers helped in the forums.


Replies sent.


Snippets of CSS & HTML.

2011 — 2013

Parnassus Books


I joined Parnassus Books when it first opened in 2011 as one of their first booksellers. After being featured on the front page of the New York Times and the co-founder's appearance on The Colbert Report, the response from the community was nothing short of remarkable.

As the team grew, I moved into the Operations Manager role and helped to launch their website and ecommerce portal — prior to that, we were taking orders by phone from all over the country. I also launched and managed the First Editions Club membership program, which quickly grew to hundreds of members receiving monthly shipments of highly collectable first edition books.


Revenue in the first year.


First Editions shipped.


Online revenue.